Content Curation: What Is It and Why Is It So Important?

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A curated introduction to content curation, with several video clips from thought leaders and a few pointers to relevant tools.   I found this on Robin Good’s topic « Real Time News Curation » – it’s originally from He talks about curation and there is great information in the video from other thought leaders on the subject.   Additional curation by JanlGordon on her topic « Content Curation, Social Media and Beyond » on Scoopit below:     What particularly caught my attention was:   « Now, in 2011, curation is coming into its own precisely because various content syndication, management and filtering technologies have reached maturity and ubiquity, to the point where « Joe Average » netizen can use them freely and effectively to create a new kind of collaboration, and a new kind of intelligence: that of man and machine working together on a new, faster, more comprehensive and more enjoyable kind of curating experience that’s called:   « collaborative intelligence » –   **Curation is evolving to « collabortive intelligence » – find those people who produce quality work, who have integrity and whom you can work with, curate a topic together, faster. All kinds of opportunities can come from this and you’re making a major contribution to the community.
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