Content Curation Skills: Pattern Recognition and Why It Is So Important

The identification of emerging patterns is essential to content curation.

This is an activity  that information professionals should be proficient at – adapted to social media environments.  Excerpted from article: Content curation is a response to the desire to become an expert on a specific topic of interest. Content curation can aid individuals and institutions who seek to gain awareness on developments in an area or seek to become recognized knowledge experts for a specific topic…. It is critical to detect emerging patterns in information early to be an effective content curator. Pattern detection is important for a few reasons: 1. If there is an emerging pattern, there’s something going on – An emerging pattern is the starting point that signals that an important event is on the cusp of taking place… 2. Patterns provide insights on the significance of an event – Patterns provide valuable information on the magnitude and importance of an event…. 3. Patterns demonstrate how events evolve – Relevance is increasingly time sensitive. The availability of real-time information requires successful content curators to get their hands on fresh information. 4. Patterns link together pieces of the information puzzle – A good content curator needs to understand emerging events in their totality… 5. Understanding patterns helps to identify experts – The most authoritative people on a topic are usually those that are able to report first on a matter, and generate buzz around new developments. The best curators are those who see patterns that nobody else can see….  

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