Content Curation: Why Detecting Emerging Patterns Is Crucial?

Romain Goday, wrote this piece for Darwin Ecosystems I’ve had some great discussions with Romain and he truly understands what it takes to be a relevant curator. He lists the top reasons why content curators need to pay attention to them. We all know the service Content Curators provide in cutting through the noise on the Web, and new tools that are coming out will enable more and more people to become curators. This is what caught my attention: ** Successful Curators will need the tools that enable them to latch onto new trends in their area of expertise.  Those who are able to discern patterns and report on them in a timely manner will ***Link together pieces of the information puzzle so that others may see what had previously been missed ***Provide insights on the significance of events ***Demonstrate how those events evolve ***The emergence of patterns is a sign that something is happening ***The ability to understand and Curate new patterns and generate buzz around them, is what stands Expert Curators above the growing crowd Romain’s own takeaway is that Patterns should be the starting point for Curation. Curated by Jan Gordon covering « Content Curation, Social Media and Beyond » Read the full article here: []

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