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« How should I host my videos for SEO purposes? Is it better to use YouTube, Vimeo or third party hosting?


All hosting solutions have their own set of advantages and disadvantages:


Third party and self hosted:

-Easier to get video rich snippets for your own domain;

– Can customise video player;

– Can build links back to your domain through embeds.


YouTube & Vimeo:

– Gets the content in front of more eyes;

– Content will invariably rank well (albeit often not for your domain).


There are 3 major functions for video from an SEO perspective:

1) Ranking, traffic and conversions;

2) Brand impressions and notoriety;

3) Links.


Approach 1: Video for Ranking, Rich Snippets and Conversions



– Include the videos on a page targeting a term likely to receive a video rich snippet;

– Ensure your videos are being built into a page where there are a variety of other media types;

– Include only one video per page.



Either self host your videos, or use a paid secure hosting solution (options detailed at the end of this post).



– Ensure the content cannot be embedded outside of your own domain;

– Embed the content with HTML5 and JavaScript or Flash, but not an iframe.


#Video Sitemap

Submit a video XML sitemap to Google Webmaster tools.



Approach 2: Video for Links


As with all bits of link bait, put the content somewhere visible, with good internal linking structure.



– Self-host the content or use a third party solution;

– Allow the video to be embedded anywhere;

– Create a CNAME for your video files.



– Embed the content in HTML5 and JavaScript or Flash, but not an iframe;

– Include social share buttons next to the video player;

– Customise an iframe embed code for users to embed your content.


#Video Sitemap

Create and submit a video sitemap per the ranking, rich snippets and conversion model.



Approach 3: Video for Brand Impressions & Notoriety….(check out it for information about this)


Approach 4: Video for All of the Above….



Paid Hosting Package Analysis and Pros and Cons about:

– Wistia

– Vzaar

– Vimeo Pro

– Brightcove



Each element in this article is analyzed with many details. Moreover, there are many video’s examples and also a presentation.

Check out the full and interesting article here:


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