The Circles Of NonProfit Marketing

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In this Post, Debra Ashkanase has also used  Seth Godin’s, “The Circles of Marketing,” in which he states that marketing is not buzz or followers, but an entire ecosystem surrounding the product itself.

Intrigued, Debra considered  how The Circles of Marketing could be modified for nonprofit social media marketing. Here  the nonprofit marketer’s iteration, begins with The Cause.

As shown in this Infographic

The outer circle: Most nonprofit marketing consultants and team members are hired to do: create buzz, ads, word of mouth, “virality” using social media, increase the number of social media fans/followers/connections. This is just the tip of the iceberg in marketing. However, most nonprofit marketing professionals are hired to primarily focus on the outer circle and that this is the final circle of work, not the first.

The second circle: The real marketing time should be spent. This circle is focused on creating a community that cares most about your cause, and can help you to promote it. Included in this circle are the elements needed to create an engaged online community around your cause: defining what people really want to talk about;  crafting the ‘story of the cause’, developing an online community that cares passionately about your cause, and supporting all of this with excellent content (your organization’s content + crowd-contributed content). The next circle just outside of  the center is the basis for its adjacent second circle. These are the factors that surround the cause itself, and affect the perception of interest in the cause. Timeliness of the issue, the need for a solution to the problem, and public interest in the cause all affect how The Cause is perceived. This is the circle that executive directors, program staff, fundraisers, and founders will want to continuously review and consider. If perception of a problem does not exist, then the you will need to revise your story. If the issue is no longer timely, that will affect interest, The Conversation, community involvement, etc.

The innermost circle is « The Cause » note The Organization. description of the innermost “When the thing you sell has communication built in, when it is remarkable and worth talking about, when it changes the game—marketing seems a lot easier.” [Seth Godin]


By Debra Askanase.


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