INFOGRAPHIC: HR Must Embrace Social

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Like it or not, Facebook is becoming a huge part of online users lives, but not if offline companies have anything to do with it.

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The Importance of Content Marketing When Building SEO Strategies [Infographic]

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Earlier this month, Mai wrote an article about why you should put content marketing at the heart of your brand strategy, in which she gives a summary of the importance of content marketing for your brand.


However, she also mentions that even though 90% of marketers think content marketing will become more important over the next year, more than 60% still haven’t invented a content marketing strategy at place.


Some interesting key facts from the infographic are:


The most popular types of content that marketers spend time on producing are blog posts, social media updates (Facebook posts, tweets, etc.) and articles/guides, whereas audio content and podcasts are the least popular;

Search engine providers are increasingly recognizing quality creation and social sharing as significant ranking factors;

27 million pieces of content are shared via the web each and every day in 2012;


More than 50 % of consumers say that blogs have influenced their purchase decisions;


94 % of marketers believe that the users analysis of the site’s perceived value will increase in importance as a ranking factor.


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SEO et SMO, le mal aimes dans la stratégie de communication

« It seems like many companies have heard about social media becoming part of our everyday life. However, companies think that if they are not utilizing the tools then they might be missing out on something.

What are they missing out on or is it just a fad? From our experiences we have seen how clients can under-value social media and SEO services.

How can you educate your client to believe these services are a vital part of their campaign? We want to share with you how we show our clients that they need to be using these tools to their advantage ».

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Idées pour vos présentations, donner une harmonie visuel a vos slides

Si vous voulez améliorer l’impact visuel de vos présentations, slides ou information graphique, l’agence RPA s’inspire d’Appel pour nous donner une idée. La simplicité dans l’image et dans la composition du cadre vous donnez la sobriété et l’elegance necessaire pour vous distinguer de vos concurrents.

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